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Hi, I'm Dhynna!

Let's start speaking bravely

Certified TESL Coach

Trained in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) - an internationally recognised certificate

Over 350 Hours

of 1-to-1 Bravling classes conducted for students aged 7 - 65 years old

Language Enthusiat

Native English speaker, self-taught Japanese language (JLPT N3), speaks 4 languages

With the right tools & process - Anyone can speak bravely.

My goal 
My goal is to help intermediate students to start speaking bravely as you are - whether it's to express your opinions confidently, travel in a foreign country or communicate in the business world.

What I believe
I believe that anyone can learn to speak another language.  Whether you’re shy, bad at expressing yourself, feeling like you’re not good enough - I will help you.

My story 
My native language is English but I started learning Japanese myself four years ago.  There was once where I scored extremely well in my JLPT but could barely speak.  But I kept practicing until I could start having conversations with my Japanese friends weekly.

So I understand all the pain of not being able to speak and how to overcome them.  Through learning Japanese, I’ve noticed the many nuanced difference between English and Japanese and wish to share that knowledge to as many people as I can!


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