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How to give advice 1 Copy


There are many different ways to give advice. 
Today we will learn how to say it from your point of view. 
This way of giving advice is quite indirect and gentle.
point of view = 視点
So, here's a pattern that you can use to give gentle advice from your point of view. 
We use the word "would" in this case. 

Step 1 

Make some thinking sounds to make the advise sound more indirect.


Step 2 

Tell your advice.
If the other person asked for your advice.  
You can say: 

I would ______
I wouldn't _____

If the other person didn't ask for your advice.  
You can add "if I were you".  
This is for not urgent advice. 

If I were you, I would ______.
If I were you, I wouldn't ______.

If the other person didn't ask for your advice.
But it's urgent, it's better to say: 

I would ______, if I were you
I wouldn't ______, if I were you

This pattern emphasize the action first. 
I would ___ = action 


Practice Examples

Time to practice with life situations!  Here's how to do it: 

  1. Look at the situation. 
  2.  Think about how you would advice your friend in that situation. 
  3. Click on the "+" button to reveal the answer. 
  4. Learn 😄

There are 8 situations. 
Of course, they are others ways of giving advise.  Please use this as a guideline. 

Situation 1 
Your friend is trying on her clothes for a work interview soon.
She: How's this dress? (bright yellow dress) 
You: ...
try on ____ = ____試着する

I would ____ (if I were you) 

Well, I would wear something more formal.

formal = 正装/フォーマルな
Situation 2 
Friend: What do you think of this dish? 
You taste her stew, it's tasteless.  You think it needs more salt. 
You: ...
taste = 味見する

I would ____ (if I were you) 

Uhmm, I would add more salt. 

Situation 3
Your friend wants to hike. But he has exams tomorrow. 
You think exams are not important. 
Friend:  What should I do? Should I hike? Or study? 
You: ...

I would ____ (if I were you) 

Well, I would hike.  Exams are not that important. 

Situation 4
Your friend is thinking of going out with her ex.  She doesn't know what to do.
You know he is not a good guy.  
Friend:  OMG, should I go? 
You: ...
thinking of doing something  = ______しようかなと思ってる

I would ____ (if I were you) 

Well, I wouldn't.  He's just using you, you know. 

use someone = 利用する
Situation 5
Your friend  is on a diet. But she is looking at the dessert menu.   
You: ...
on a diet = ダイエット中

I would ____ (if I were you) 

I wouldn't order desserts, if I were you. You're on a diet, right?!

Situation 6
You and you friend go to a zoo. She is about to touch a tiger. 
You are afraid she will get bitten. 
You: ...
about to = するところ
get bitten = 噛まれる

I would ____ (if I were you) 

I wouldn't touch it, if I were you.  What if it bites you? 

What if ____ = _______したら?
Situation 7
You friend is broke. She already has many bags.
But she is shopping online for a Prada bag now.
You: ...
broke = no money 

I would ____ (if I were you) 

I wouldn't buy another bag, if I were you. I would save up. 

Save up = 貯金する
Situation 8
You friend is becoming very stressed at work. But she keeps working. 
You: ...
keep ___ ing = ____し続ける

I would ____ (if I were you) 

I would stop working, if I were you.  Take it easy! 

Take it easy = relax 
Hope you enjoyed this post. 
Is there any other advice you want to give? 

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